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Naming Gifts – CSG will work with various facilities and venues such as stadiums, arenas, performing arts centers, convention centers, and other public gathering places to secure significant funding through the naming of all or parts of a facility. These funds create a significant impact to the capital expenditures, endowment, and/or operational expenditures associated with a major project. For more information on how CSG can assist you with the procurement of a major naming or entitlement gift, please contact us at

Event/Performance Sponsorships – CSG will work with clients to create sponsorship packages that are both creative and enticing to potential corporations who may be interested in branding their product or service with your event(s) and/or performance(s). CSG has secured numerous sponsors for events or performances ranging from intercollegiate bowl games, NFL contests, motorsport races, concerts, plays/theater productions, fairs/festivals, and various charitable fundraisers. For more information on how CSG can assist you with the procurement of sponsors for your major event or performance, please contact us at

Sponsorship Development – CSG will work with clients to ensure the right plan, packaging of benefits, presentation, and collateral is developed to maximize each and every opportunity that may be available to the client and sponsor. This may include working with a venue or presenter of events or performances on maximizing their sponsorship revenue, while creating attractive and creative benefits to offer potential corporate sponsors. Since each event, performance, and activity, and its potential sponsors have unique characteristics, CSG will custom develop and design proposals to match each sponsors needs, wants, and interests with the appropriate benefit offerings. For more information on how CSG can assist you with the development of your sponsorship program, please contact us at

Sponsor/Account Management – The key to the success of CSG is the excellent service provided to both the client and sponsor. Once a sponsorship agreement is reached, servicing the sponsor on a continuous basis is imperative to ensure all of their goals and expectations are met. Building and cultivating relationships between all parties concerned is the key to establishing long-term sponsorship success. The relationship developed between the event, sponsor, and CSG is a partnership in every sense of the word. For more information on how CSG will service and manage your sponsorship programs, please contact us at

Event Marketing/Management - CSG can assist clients in managing all aspects of an event. This includes marketing, advertising, promoting, and managing the event so it is attractive to the community. These events could include fundraisers, corporate events/receptions, concerts, as well as various other types of performances. For more information on how CSG can market and manage an event for you, please contact us at

Sponsorship Analysis/Negotiation – Scott Giebler, Owner and President of CSG, has over 20 years of experience in negotiating sponsorships of all different sizes and levels.  CSG has worked with various venues and event promoters to ensure all sponsorship revenue possibilities are maximized.  CSG can also evaluate current sponsorship programs and develop creative benefit offerings that will meet and exceed sponsor goals and objectives.  CSG will also analysis and evaluate each program to ensure that each sponsor is maximizing the return on their investment.  For more information on how CSG can maximize sponsorship revenue possibilities and benefits, please contact us at